Stepanie Scott

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Stephanie is a digital strategist that has spent many years working on feature films and is now positioning her company to leverage that experience. Stephanie is using Digital Storytelling to get brands to engage with their audience through traditional storytelling. The traditional story telling is interactive and the social media tools we have today are perfect for getting the message across.

Stephanie says that it is important to remember that your fans and clients are the hero’s of your story.

Bob asks Stephanie how she defines a fan and a community.

A fan is an engaged member of your community. They are so excited about what you do they want to tell others about it.

There are only about 7 story archetypes that can give you a structure to manage the content you put out in Social Media.

What is your value? Finding individuals that share your value base and focus on them. You won’t find it easy to win over those that don’t share your values.

Stephanie talks about the pyramid of social media fans. The pyramid ranges from the lurkers at the bottom to the super fans at the top. Look at your fan base and get to know what their needs are. There may be a solution that they are looking for or they want to hang out with like minded people. Nurture these fans and build up these fans into super fan status.

Stephanie and Bob talk about some examples on building a fan base through story telling.

Technology has made it easier to get through to people using Social Media and connect through story telling.

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